progressive dark metal from szeged, hungary

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presentiment [prɪˈzɛntɪmənt]: a sense of something about to happen; a premonition, a feeling that something, often of undesirable nature, is going to happen. this feeling that conquers your sanity and rumbles through your mind, leaving nothing but inexplicible dread and fear and hatred for what’s to come. your senses awaken, your perception gets clearer by the minute and now you know that whatever the fuck we are doing here is just the top of the slope, the door to a new era, the beginning of the ending.

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press kit
the press kit. Includes high resolution photos, cover art and release information.
Hungarian progressive dark metal band Dreamgrave announces debut LP 'Presentiment'. Dreamgrave is a Hungarian progressive dark metal band relaunched in September 2012.
After the unexpected success of the Deadborn Dreams demo the band had troubles finding stable, lasting members. While the search has taken up several years, founder and band leader Dömötör Gyimesi worked on his ideas which eventually became the foundation for the Presentiment LP. In September 2012 he met János Mayer which has not only shifted the songs towards a more progressive approach but became the turning point in the band's history. In September 2013 the band started recording the demos with the beautiful soprano of Mária Molnár. After a lot of hard work and with the help of Gergő Drahota and Jenő Godó the band finally went into the studio to record the Presentiment LP, a concept album consisting of eight progressive dark metal movements.
about the album
The album presents our abstract impressions placed in a distress-filled fantasy about our world, our society, ourselves; why are we here and ultimately the ending we are heading towards.
Manager: Dömötör Gyimesi (+36 30 494 5899)